POLAR BEAR ENERGY EFFICIENT SNAPCHILL UNITS are designed to be farmer friendly. We could put a lot of bright lights and switches but we didn’t. The reason being is to keep it simple so that nobody has to think about pushing buttons, turning knobs, it just works as we integrate the system into the farm milk system. The fewer moving parts the better.

Energy efficiency comes from installing smaller chiller units as they have a lot longer to store energy in the ice and you don’t need that b rute force all at once. So no mains upgrade required as the power consumption is lower due to the smaller chiller units.

Low maintenance and free hot water heating, no chemicals such as glycol, Just good old H²O.

Independent Refrigeration will provide all your Refrigeration and Electrical requirements. Our team of Refrigeration Technicians and Electricians are well qualified and are on call 24/7 to meet all your farming needs.


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The key to SnapChill’s economic chilling is ‘storing’ the cheaper off-peak energy. Ice is made and stored in an insulated tank. At milking time, the ice is used to Snapchill the milk between the cow and the vat, entering the vat at around 6°C.


As ice is formed and milk chilled, heat energy is produced. Snapchill recovers this heat and uses it to create “free” hot water. Typically, 800 litres of water is heated to over 60°C, which is plenty for a hygenic plant wash.


The Snapchill unit can be installed between milking’s without disruption to your operation. Snapchill is easy to install and you don’t need to upgrade your power supply. Under normal circumstances delivery, instalation and commissioning takes just a day.

  • Cooling milk with Snapchill saves money.
  • Cooling and heating is carried out during off-peak hours when power is cheaper at night.
  • Snapchill heats as it cools, so there is a seperate tank to heat water for the plant wash which in turn replenishes the hot water cylinders.
  • Snapchill technology keeps your milk in optimum condition maintaining a constant temperature before collection.
  • Snapchill’s key ingredient? Water, therefore chemical free.
  • Power savings of around $4,000 – $6,000 per year are achieveable.
  • Over 70% of dairy farmers will have to do something to comply with new MPI regulations and Independent Refrigeration’s Snapchill technology is your answer.
  • Snapchill is regulation  ready
    • Milk must be 10°c or lower within 4 hours of the commencement of milking
    • Milk must be 6°c or lower within 6 hours of milking start; or 2 hours of finishing (whichever is earlier)
    • Milk must be kept at or below 6°c until it is collected or until the next milking
    • Additional milking’s into a vat should not cause the milk to raise above 10°