Our Services


Independent Refrigeration LTD is NZ owned and Operated.

Our experienced team can design, install and service,  Vat Refrigeration, Snap Chilling milk with Ice Banks, Heat Recovery and Plate Coolers.

Design, Install and Service Cool Rooms and Freezer rooms. 

Milk Vat Refrigeration & IceBanks

To meet the Ministry Of Primary Industry standards, you need a reliable, efficient and cost-effective milk cooling system. Independent Refrigeration are your milk VAT refrigeration specialists. We provide new installations of refrigeration systems, snap chill Ice Banks systems along with servicing, repair and maintenance solutions.


Milk Vat Refrigeration UNITS

  • Equipped with Danfoss universal dual pressure control with flexible hose lines
  • Fitted with a condenser fan speed control
  • Equipped with a liquid line drier and moisture indicator
  • All low temperature units are fitted with a suction accumulator
  • All models come with a high efficiency internal float oil separator
  • Telemetry data recording by WiFi



If your primary water temperature is high.  Snap chilling with an Ice Bank is your solution. 

– Cups off temperature of 6°C or under
– New installations require only one refrigeration unit.
– Fully insulated plastic tank up a herd size of 1000
– Simplistic design and reliability
– No maintenance required.  Just add water
– Energy efficient
– No transformer upgrade required
– Double plate cooler or two singles
– Closed loop process flow
– Hot water recovery
– Reduce your carbon footprint


COOL Rooms & Freezer Rooms

It is vital for a cool room or freezer room to be compatible to the environment in which it is to operate. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ approach to refrigeration. Even if you are not sure about which requirement will be best suited to your needs, worry not! Our team will help you with specifications and solutions for all your refrigeration needs.

Cold room (also called a chiller room) is a walk-in storage facility in controlled condition to keep a consistent temperature, it is widely used to preserve the quality of stored products like fruit, vegetables, beverages, flowers, beef and chicken meat, seafood, medicine, cheese, eggs and other fresh foods.

Independent Refrigeration will design and build the cool room or freezer you require and provide ongoing maintenance services. Our design and build can be customised to meet your requirements.

An insulated paneled cool room designed and installed, Independent Refrigeration can take care of all your chiller and freezer cool room requirements.

Insulated panels a key requirement for cool rooms, freezers, process rooms and chillers. Independent Refrigeration will design and build the cool room or freezer you require and provide ongoing maintenance services.

Display Chillers and Deli Cabinets

Glass door inserts and shelves maximise display appeal and space. Available in a range of sizes & configurations which make them ideal for new installation or retrofit into existing rooms

  • Reveal or Rebate mount flashing available
  • Lean frame design with no visible external fittings
  • 2x embedded vertical full length LED lights per door
  • Glass area optimised for maximum product display
  • Standard 700 or 750mm door width
  • Double or triple glazing depending on requirements